Merging My New Year’s Resolutions with My “To Do” List

I know people have differing views of the value of New Year’s Resolutions, but I always do them. They give me a moment to reflect on the previous year’s aspirations, successes, and failures, and to articulate some new (or, often, continuing) aspirations for the coming year. One problem, though, is that I don’t often revisitContinue reading “Merging My New Year’s Resolutions with My “To Do” List”

Kids are Funny, Part Deux

More conversations in the household — 10 Year Old Son: There are too many girls in my Sunday school class. Father: How can that be? That’s like saying there are too many flowers. 5 Year Old Son: Boys and girls are enemies. Father: What?! 5 Year Old Son: Like England and France. I don’t knowContinue reading “Kids are Funny, Part Deux”

North Carolina Come On and Raise Up

NOTE: Any time I put a proper name in quotation marks, that means I am using a pseudonym. I will try to do this the first time I use a pseudonym in any posting. First of all, let me say that my two kids, “Chipper” (9 going on 10) and “Beth” (7 going on 8),Continue reading “North Carolina Come On and Raise Up”