Reflections on 5 Days in the Life of a Tenured Professor

I have to admit I was shocked to total up my working hours last week and see that I only worked 42.5 hours. I’ve been thinking alot about why it seems like I worked much more than that. Here are some conclusions I’ve come to: (1) I have read somewhere (I can’t remember where!) thatContinue reading “Reflections on 5 Days in the Life of a Tenured Professor”

Day in the Life, Day 5

Day 5: Friday. Busy morning and relaxing afternoon ahead. 6:15am: Wake up, shower, dress, coffee, kids to bus 7:30am: In my office, chatting with colleague on phone 8:00am: Check email and prepare for 8:30am meeting and 9:30am phone call. 8:30am: Meeting regarding personnel issue 9:30am: Phone conversation with woman from England working on on-line submissionContinue reading “Day in the Life, Day 5”

Day in the Life, Day 4

Day 4: Wake up late from staying up too late last night. Day full of teaching and meetings ahead. 8:00am: Wake up, coffee, shower, dress, take out recycling. Everyone already gone to school and work. 9:00am: Decide to work at home until 11:00am meeting. Check email, prepare for class today. 11:00am: Arrive at office atContinue reading “Day in the Life, Day 4”

Day in the Life of a Tenured Professor, Day 2

Day 2, Tuesday. Historic day: First half-Kenyan to be inaugurated as President of the United States. Is the dream still alive? Had an inch of snow overnight, so kids home from school because of school closure, and university opening is delayed until 10:30a — for some folks. Not me. 6:15am: Wake up, coffee, shower, dress,Continue reading “Day in the Life of a Tenured Professor, Day 2”