Remembering My Father Reading My Work

I have been reflecting a lot on my dad’s life these past 10 days. He and my mom gave me many gifts in life. Perhaps the greatest of them is supporting my academic pursuits no matter what, including my decision as a college sophomore to major in sociology. In dedicating my Senior Honors Thesis toContinue reading “Remembering My Father Reading My Work”

Remembering Robert N. Bellah

I rarely blog here but I want to call attention to the uncorrected page proofs of a forthcoming book review I wrote of Matteo Bortolini’s biography of Robert Bellah, A Joyfully Serious Man. Anyone interested in Bellah’s work or life should read this book. I conclude my review writing: “The truth Robert N. Bellah embodiedContinue reading “Remembering Robert N. Bellah”

Remembering Raymond Sakae Yamane (June 12, 1930 – February 17, 2023)

My father died after a long and full life and a mercifully short stay in the hospital. I am grateful that I made it from North Carolina to spend his last 21 hours with him. I am also thankful beyond words for my mother (especially), sisters, brothers-in-law, and nephews who no doubt kept my dadContinue reading “Remembering Raymond Sakae Yamane (June 12, 1930 – February 17, 2023)”

10 Initial Reflections on President Donald J. Trump – Revisited 4 Years Later

On 9 November 2016, I wrote “10 Initial Reflections on President Donald J. Trump, for what they’re worth, by a half-awake regular citizen.” Four years later, with the election of Joseph Biden as the 46th POTUS, I thought I would revisit those initial reflections. My 2020 comments are in block quotes following the original points.Continue reading “10 Initial Reflections on President Donald J. Trump – Revisited 4 Years Later”

levels of racism: individual, organizational, institutional, and systemic

Originally posted on scatterplot:
Discussions of racism tend to get tangled up in issues of level of analysis.1 Sociologists (e.g. Bonilla-Silva) and critical race theorists (e.g. Haney-López), among others, have long argued that we need to understand racism as something that works “beyond” or “above” the individual, building on arguments that go back to Stokely…

July Message to Intro Soc Students about Class in Fall 2020

This week Wake Forest University is unveiling its new fall course schedule and students will have the opportunity/be forced to re-register for courses depending on their personal preferences/circumstances and availability of courses in different modalities. Faculty were given the opportunity to teach in one of four modalities: online, blended (traditional and with an online pathway),Continue reading “July Message to Intro Soc Students about Class in Fall 2020”

Small Teaching Online Book Summary

Over the past three weeks I have participated in a Wake Forest Center for the Advancement of Teaching summer reading group led by Director of Educational Development Dr. Kristi Verbeke. Over 30 faculty (IIRC) read and discussed Small Teaching Online by Flower Darby and James Lang. What follows is my reading notes and reflections onContinue reading “Small Teaching Online Book Summary”

Choosing Adventure: Safe Travel in Dangerous Places book by Greg Ellifritz

As one of Greg Ellifritz’s Patreon supporters, I received an electronic version of his new book Choose Adventure: Safe Travel in Dangerous Places as a benefit of patronage. But Greg was good enough also to send me a hard copy when it became available recently. At first glance, I am not the natural audience forContinue reading “Choosing Adventure: Safe Travel in Dangerous Places book by Greg Ellifritz”

Misrepresenting Science in the “Plandemic” Video

Greg G. Wolff, a little known epidemiologist at Wright Patterson AFB, is all of a sudden quite a sensation. His article on influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference was cited in the “Plandemic” video going around. Wolff’s article in VACCINE (currently the most downloaded article from the journal) is open access so I had aContinue reading “Misrepresenting Science in the “Plandemic” Video”

In Honor of My Textbook Co-Author Keith A. Roberts

On December 31st, I submitted the revised manuscript for the 7th edition of Religion in Sociological Perspective. I am Keith Roberts’ co-author on this textbook. Keith brought me in to do the revisions for the 5th edition over a decade ago. This was wonderful for me because I had always wanted to do a textbook,Continue reading “In Honor of My Textbook Co-Author Keith A. Roberts”