10 Initial Reflections on President Donald J. Trump – Revisited 4 Years Later

On 9 November 2016, I wrote “10 Initial Reflections on President Donald J. Trump, for what they’re worth, by a half-awake regular citizen.” Four years later, with the election of Joseph Biden as the 46th POTUS, I thought I would revisit those initial reflections. My 2020 comments are in block quotes following the original points.Continue reading “10 Initial Reflections on President Donald J. Trump – Revisited 4 Years Later”

Misrepresenting Science in the “Plandemic” Video

Greg G. Wolff, a little known epidemiologist at Wright Patterson AFB, is all of a sudden quite a sensation. His article on influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference was cited in the “Plandemic” video going around. Wolff’s article in VACCINE (currently the most downloaded article from the journal) is open access so I had aContinue reading “Misrepresenting Science in the “Plandemic” Video”

The Geography of Friends and Family

My sisters and brother-in-law just finished a visit to North Carolina, so I have been thinking about a recent post on Scatterplot about “the geography of friends.” The post highlights an analysis of friendship links on Facebook from the New York Times. The article cites existing research as showing: “The typical American lives just 18Continue reading “The Geography of Friends and Family”

Merging My New Year’s Resolutions with My “To Do” List

I know people have differing views of the value of New Year’s Resolutions, but I always do them. They give me a moment to reflect on the previous year’s aspirations, successes, and failures, and to articulate some new (or, often, continuing) aspirations for the coming year. One problem, though, is that I don’t often revisitContinue reading “Merging My New Year’s Resolutions with My “To Do” List”

Verizon Wireless’s Fool-Proof Plan for Losing a Customer

Final Update: Somehow “Brandon” in the corporate office got my blog post yesterday. He apologized on behalf of Verizon and said he would call financial services on my behalf to get me taken off “cash only” status. Thus resolves my 2 month issue. As compensation for my trouble, Verizon waived the remaining $240 I owedContinue reading “Verizon Wireless’s Fool-Proof Plan for Losing a Customer”

Pilgrimages to Japanese-American World War II Internment Camps and Isolation Centers

This page collects all of my previous posts about the interment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and provides a home for my (hopefully) growing list of pilgrimages to the sites of internment camps and isolation centers. Previous Posts Discovering Japanese-American World War II Internment Camps Historical Background to the Internment of Japanese-Americans during WWIIContinue reading “Pilgrimages to Japanese-American World War II Internment Camps and Isolation Centers”

Directions to Leupp Isolation Center (World War II Japanese-American Detention) Site

As noted in my previous post, there is no official historical marker for the Leupp Isolation Center for Japanese-American detainees during World War II. Nor is the location marked on Google Maps (though I submitted a request that Google add a marker). For anyone wanting to go see the site, here are the directions IContinue reading “Directions to Leupp Isolation Center (World War II Japanese-American Detention) Site”

Pilgrimage to Leupp Isolation Center, Arizona

On April 27, 1943, Harry Ueno and other inmates at the Moab Isolation Center at Dalton Wells in Utah were moved to an abandoned Indian boarding school on the Navaho Trival Land in Leupp, Arizona. Ueno and four others were “forced to make the 11-hour trip confined in a four by six foot box onContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Leupp Isolation Center, Arizona”

Pilgrimage to Dalton Wells Isolation Center, Moab, Utah

The resistance to the unjust authority felt by Japanese-American citizens who were forcible evacuated from their homes and imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II went beyond the organized efforts against the loyalty questionnaire I discussed in an earlier post. And the resistance was not without consequence. One of the best known detainees atContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Dalton Wells Isolation Center, Moab, Utah”

Pilgrimage to Manzanar Internment Camp

For my wife’s birthday last November, we traveled to California to visit family and tour some of the national parks in Southern California. After visiting Joshua Tree National Park, we headed north to Death Valley. Not exactly between Death Valley and Pinnacles National Parks, but not too far out of the way, is the siteContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Manzanar Internment Camp”