Observations from Biscuitville

I was at Biscuitville for breakfast this morning, as I am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was enjoying my eggs, corned beef hash, and — of course — biscuits and gravy when I glanced out the window to see the following bumper sticker: I [HEART] GRITS. If that were not choice enough, consider the following additional aspects of the bumper sticker. The heart was sealed with the “stars and bars” of the Confederate flag, and GRITS actually stands for: “Girls Raised In The South.”

To which I could only say (to myself, of course): God Bless the Hill-Rods!

Published by David Yamane

Sociologist at Wake Forest U, student of gun culture, tennis player, racket stringer (MRT), whisk(e)y drinker, bow-tie wearer, father, husband. Not necessarily in that order.

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