So, after my morning class in which people couldn’t bring themselves to speak, I went to my afternoon class during which we spent the whole hour discussing and debating a single question. One student would make a comment and another five students would raise their hands to weigh in.

Not only that, but the topic was the proper role of religion in public life — with specific reference to President Bush — and the students all handled the issue incredibly well. They expressed their opinions and listened to others’ opinions in a very respectful way. It was one of the best discussions I’ve ever had in class. Go figure!

Now, if only I could figure out the formula for that and bottle it.

Published by David Yamane

Sociologist at Wake Forest U, student of gun culture, tennis player, racket stringer (MRT), whisk(e)y drinker, bow-tie wearer, father, husband. Not necessarily in that order.

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