TV and Radio

On the concealed carry revolution, Gun Talk with Tom Gresham (6 June 2021)

American gun culture, HearSay with Cathy Lewis, WHRO Public Media (6 August 2019)

AR-15 rifles, National Public Radio (28 February 2019)

Automatic weapons, National Public Radio (21 December 2018)

Guns in America, “The Source,” Texas Public Radio (14 November 2018)

North Carolina gun culture, WFDD Public Radio (30 March 2018)

Gun culture in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre: WFDD Public Radio with David Ford (6 October 2017)

Castle Doctrine: WFDD Public Radio (27 June 2017)

North Carolina gun laws: WFDD Public Radio (16 December 2015)

On mass shootings: WXII, Winston-Salem (4 December 2015)

Becoming Catholic, Kresta in the Afternoon, Ave Maria Radio (9 June 2014)

Becoming Catholic, WISP radio, Doylestown, PA (13 March 2014)

On resignation of Pope Benedict: WGHP TV, Greensboro (12 February 2013)

Married and women priests: WLAD radio, Danbury, Connecticut (3 May 2005)

Papal succession: The Morning Mess, WEKZ radio, Green County, Wisconsin (2 May 2005)

Priestly celibacy: The Tony Booth Show, WCHV radio, Charlottesville, Virginia (26 April 2005)

Religion in the 2004 election: The Ben Merens Show, Wisconsin Public Radio (24 December 2003)

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