Remembering Robert N. Bellah

I rarely blog here but I want to call attention to the uncorrected page proofs of a forthcoming book review I wrote of Matteo Bortolini’s biography of Robert Bellah, A Joyfully Serious Man. Anyone interested in Bellah’s work or life should read this book. I conclude my review writing: “The truth Robert N. Bellah embodiedContinue reading “Remembering Robert N. Bellah”

In Honor of My Textbook Co-Author Keith A. Roberts

On December 31st, I submitted the revised manuscript for the 7th edition of Religion in Sociological Perspective. I am Keith Roberts’ co-author on this textbook. Keith brought me in to do the revisions for the 5th edition over a decade ago. This was wonderful for me because I had always wanted to do a textbook,Continue reading “In Honor of My Textbook Co-Author Keith A. Roberts”

Bibliographic Reflections on the Sociology of Religion

The manuscript for the 7th edition of my textbook, Religion in Sociological Perspective, is due to Sage Publications by the end of 2019. Which is just days away. One of the the last major tasks I had to complete was the bibliography. This was no small task. Including the 269 new citations I added forContinue reading “Bibliographic Reflections on the Sociology of Religion”

A justification as to why a leave is essential to complete the proposed project

I am completing an application for a university funded one-semester research leave at full pay to work on a book related to my ongoing research with Katie Day on church security (generously funded by the Louisville Institute). As much as I enjoy teaching, I am grateful for the opportunity to take a leave from teachingContinue reading “A justification as to why a leave is essential to complete the proposed project”

Handbook of Religion and Society

As my last big project in the sociology of religion I edited a Handbook of Religion and Society for the Dutch publishing giant Springer. The book was published in 2016, but I just received a book performance report from the publisher which prompted me to mention it today. The handbook includes 26 chapters by aContinue reading “Handbook of Religion and Society”

Sociological Key Words: Guns, Gun Culture

The American Sociological Review was founded in 1936 as the official publication of the American Sociological Society. (The ASS was founded in 1906, and was apparently unaware of acronyms until 1959 when it changed its name to the American Sociological Association.) The ASR remains the flagship journal of the ASA, and is one of theContinue reading “Sociological Key Words: Guns, Gun Culture”

Religion and Guns Research Digested in Academic Minute

For those of you who would rather listen to me explain my recent article on religion and guns in America than read it, you can do so thanks to WAMC Public Radio‚Äôs Academic Minute program, which is also available on the Inside Higher Education website. Or if you are a real glutton for statistical punishment,Continue reading “Religion and Guns Research Digested in Academic Minute”

Robert N. Bellah (1927-2013)

This is not an obituary or remembrance of Robert Bellah. I don’t have the emotional energy to spare for that, even though it has been over a year since he passed. There are many such tributes, though, some collected on the website maintained in his name. This is simply the text of an entry IContinue reading “Robert N. Bellah (1927-2013)”

Religion on the PGA Tour

Although I am not a sociologist of sport, I have enjoyed those times when my work in the sociology of religion comes into dialogue with the world of sport. Here is some material I am working up for the 6th edition of my sociology of religion textbook: When Webb Simpson won the 2012 U.S. OpenContinue reading “Religion on the PGA Tour”