20 Reasons Nursing Deserves a Google Doodle

Much respect to the nurses. Doctors diagnose, nurses cure!

Sandra Yamane

Amanda Anderson, a blogger for HealthCetera, has started a campaign asking Google to devote a Google Doodle to honor National Nurses Day on May 6th. I personally enjoy the doodles. I have Google as my home page so I see them every day when I sign on to my computer. Some doodles are interactive such as the one for  Halloween 2012 and others celebrate innovators and various subjects including: birthdays (Dorothy Height’s 102nd), Ghana’s Independence Day, the 2014 Winter Olympics (complete with a hint of a political statement), and one of the best — a tribute to Freddie Mercury (it has an animated Freddie flying on a Tiger singing “Don’t Stop Me Now”) which is fabulous!


Amanda wants to bring attention to our profession and states, “Maybe, if the millions of Americans Googling something on May 6th saw a tribute to…

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