Thou Shalt Not Take Laettner’s Name in Vain

The following comment was posted recently in response to my prediction about Lee Melchionni:

“i’m not sure where you are going with these duke comments! the next laettner??? just b/c he’s white? i don’t see the correlation. that’s like saying jamal boyken is the next grant hill or shane battier. or better yet- mike drum is the next jj redick. haha, there ya go. GO DUKE:)”

I didn’t mean to disparage the living Duke legend Christian Laettner in making this comparison. God forbid! My interpretation of my prediction is this: Laettner = best days on a basketball court were in college.

Though both are pretty white. Let’s only hope that Melchionni doesn’t try to grow a beard a la Laettner.

Re JJ Redick: he is the next Brent Barry. Make of that what you will.

Published by David Yamane

Sociologist at Wake Forest U, student of gun culture, tennis player, racket stringer (MRT), whisk(e)y drinker, bow-tie wearer, father, husband. Not necessarily in that order.

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